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Silent Film Screening (A Minato Ward Arts and Culture Promotion Fund-subsidized Project)
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16 December 2009
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11 December 2009
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TIFFCOM 2010 (25 - 28 Oct.)

Shinsedai Cinema Festival (Toronto, Canada)Talking Silents 1 "The Water Magician" 2010.7.23

19ème Festival de Films pour Éveiller les Regards (Aubervilliers, France)
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Nippon Koma Festival 2009 (Lisbon, Portugal 11 Dec.)
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Digital Meme Podcast

All you need to know about Japanese silent film – in comfortable podcast length! Click here to listen to the speech CEO Larry Greenberg gave in Oman on 5 October, 2009.

The first Digital Meme classic DVD series
Talking Silents 1-10 now available!

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A Minato Ward Arts and Culture Promotion Fund-subsidized Project

Theme: Going back to history

Date and Time: 14 November 2010 14:30-16:50
Location: Akasaka Civic Hall
(Akasaka Civic Center 3rd Floor, Akasaka 4-18-13, Minato Ward, Tokyo)

Films will be shown with English, Korean and Chinese subtitles

Feature film:

Jitsuroku Chushingura (Chushingura: The Truth) (1928) – English subtitles
Director: Shozo Makino
Cast: Yoho Ii, Tsuzuya Moroguchi, Kobunji Ichikawa, Yotaro Katsumi

Along with the feature film, 2 short animations will be screened.

Nihon-ichi Momotaro (Momotaro the Undefeated) (1928) - Korean subtitles
Drawn by: Sanae Yamamoto
Cinematography by: Takamasa Aihara

Suzume no Oyado (The Sparrows’ Lodge) (1936) - Chinese subtitles
Directed by: Kenzo Masaoka
Drawn by: Masao Kumagawa

Featuring live katsudo benshi narration by Ichiro Kataoka

"Chushingura: The Truth" will be performed with live benshi narration.

Admission free (seating on a first-come, first-served basis)

To reserve your spot, please contact Heart Connections.
Fax: 03-3472-2775
Please send your name, address, phone no. by fax to Heart Connections. An invitation postcard will be sent to you.

*Childcare service with supporters (up until 10 couples / advanced reservation required)

Hosted by the NPO Heart Connections,
with support from Urban Connections, Digital Meme, The Japan Times, NEC Corporation and JTB Global Marketing & Travel.

For more information, please click here.