Digital Meme’s pilot venture uses 21st century technology to bring the Golden Age of film to global audiences, from original 16mm classics to the latest in digital collections, plus leading texts on film history … and much more.


Film Rental
Digital Meme offers rentals of original classics — 1,500 of the best-loved and most influential silent movies, anime, television programs, documentaries and educational films from Japan and the West.
Our DVDs bring the classic silent film experience to your living room. All titles encompass new sound tracks, benshi recordings as well as multi-lingual subtitling.
Film scholars and enthusiasts will appreciate Digital Meme’s unrivalled collection of books about Japan’s great silent film stars, benshi narrators, and classic works. The library features gorgeous photography, painstaking research, and personal accounts.
New Releases
In production … films by Kenji Mizoguchi, plus classic films starring Tsumasaburo Bando