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16 Mar 2007 Digital Meme Posts Online Preview of Rare Classic Anime Collection

TOKYO, Japan, March 16, 2007 – Digital Meme, the premier publisher of digitized vintage anime and classic Japanese films, today posted an online preview of its much talked-about upcoming release, “Japanese Anime Classic Collection.” Available for viewing at here, the 30-second trailer features clips from beloved works by Sanae Yamamoto, Yasuji Murata and Mitsuyo Seo.

Yamamoto’s 1929 “Nihonichi Momotaro” (“Momotaro the Undefeated”), narrated by famed benshi Midori Sawato, brings to life the ancient Japanese myth surrounding the adventures of the boy born from a peach.

Murata’s 1933 “Norakuro Nitoh Hei-Kyoren no Maki” (“Private 2nd Class Norakuro”), based on Suiho Tagawa’s classic character Norakuro, offers unusual insights into the experience of a soldier.

Other clips in the preview come from Seo’s “Issunboshi Chibisuke Monogatari” (“Tiny Chibisuke’s Big Adventure”) and the early talkie “Dobutsu Mura no Dai Sodo” (“The Animal Village in Trouble”).

These and more than 50 other early anime will appear on the full four-disc set of “Japanese Anime Classic Collection,” scheduled for release on April 27.

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