Past Events
29 Dec 2006 – 18:00 The 18th Sawato Midori Katsuben Recital at Kinokuniya Hall, Shinjuku

The program: "Male and Female"(1919) directed by Cecil B. DeMille
"Tenmeikai Torimono Fukuro" directed by Toshio Hara in 1926

Digital Meme rang out the year 2006 with a full house for The 18th Sawato Midori Katsuben Recital on December 29th at the Shinjuku Kinokuniya Hall. This biggest event of the year for world renown benshi Ms. Sawato and all silent movie fans culminated with the showing of two well-known silent films Male and Female by Cecil B. DeMille and Tenmeikai Torimono Fukuro by Toshio Hara.

Ms. Sawato's personalized interjections of the characters, accompanied by the live music band Colored Monotone mesmerized the audience to experience Japanese fights, beauty of traditional Japanese women in Tenmeikai Torimono Fukuro, witness the line between rich and poor, forbidden love, and gender relations portrayed in Male and Female.

The evening came to a close with the audience applauding Ms. Sawato for another moving performance. Loyal fans pressed flowers and gifts into Ms. Sawato's in their appreciation and gratitude for a memorable evening. In return, Midori Sawato expressed her gratefulness to the audience for coming every year and making these events one of the biggest in the silent films screenings.
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