Larry Greenberg, CEO
A native New Yorker, Larry has been building new businesses and creating innovative services in Japan since 1985. He is founder and president of Urban Connections, a leading marketing communications firm serving major corporations and government agencies since 1990, and InfoAsia, a successful market access and research provider. Larry has been bringing classic Japanese film to the world since 1988, when he translated and promoted Bantsuma: The Life of Tsumasaburo Bando for Matsuda Film Productions. His collaboration with Matsuda Film has also seen the overseas launch of such other masterpieces as Orochi (“Serpent”) and Taki no Shiraito (“The Water Magician”).
Yutaka Matsuda, Advisor
Revered by film scholars and enthusiasts for his encyclopedic knowledge of classic cinema, Yutaka is a natural-born heir to the silent film tradition as the son of the legendary Shunsui Matsuda, one of Japan’s most prominent benshi and the founder of the Matsuda silent film collection, himself the son of a benshi. Yutaka has been organizing silent film screenings since college, and publishes the Katsukichi newsletter and Classic Movie News for the Friends of Silent Film Association. He has served as overseas manager and music operator for the inimitable Midori Sawato, and is the editor-in-chief of Recalling the Treasures of Japanese Cinema and co-author of The Benshi—Japanese Silent Film Narrators. Yutaka was also involved in producing the  DVD-ROM, Masterpieces of Japanese Silent Cinema.