Digital Meme—preserving the world’s cultural heritage and creating unique cultural and entertainment products for the 21st century.

Digital Meme was established in 2000 with a unique vision: the technology of the dawning century can be used to bring new life and new audiences to the cultural heritage of Japan and the world.

In a bold pilot venture, Digital Meme is building an unprecedented digital archive of masterpieces from cinema’s Golden Age. The Digital Meme library already encompasses 1,500 of the best-loved and most influential silent movies, anime, television programs, documentaries and educational films from Japan and the West. Today, these assets are reaching a new generation of viewers around the world with multilingual captioning, multiplatform delivery, and the reach of Digital Meme’s global network.

This is the first step in constructing a one-of-a-kind collection, integrating irreplaceable artistic works with today’s technology. By digitizing this content, Digital Meme does more than conserve a culture’s legacy. New media and online delivery make these treasures available to vast new audiences. Multilanguage support, commentary and other value can be added to an asset while protecting its integrity. Digitizing updates the fundamental concept of an archive, with search and collaborative filtering functionality. And it opens up new horizons for novel licensing, merchandising, and repurposing of content, breathing new artistic and commercial life into the collection.

Date of establishment: 28 August, 2000
Invested capital: 42 million yen
CEO: Larry Greenberg

Podcast Interview of CEO Larry Greenberg