DIGITAL MEME—an extraordinary collaboration.
Urban Connections Urban Connections
For more than 16 years, leading marketing communications and publishing firm Urban Connections has been creating books and DVDs that illuminate Japanese film history and bring the Golden Age of Japanese cinema to life for enthusiasts worldwide. Urban Connections is working with Digital Meme on localization of the film archive, from language transfer and subtitling to full digitization.
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Matsuda Film Productions Matsuda Film Productions
With its remarkable collection of more than 6,000 reels of classic Japanese silent films, Matsuda Film Productions brings to Digital Meme a living connection with Japan’s rich film history. Established by the legendary benshi Shunsui Matsuda, today the company continues to arrange screenings of Japanese silent films with live benshi narration. Matsuda Film Productions is working with Digital Meme to create unique content for film lovers all over the world.
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